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Natural and Cultural Heritage

Natural Monument Cave of Milodón, situated 30 minutes from Puerto Natales, is the place where the first cave-dwellers looked for shelter in this type of formations. Nomadic tribes, hunters and hunter-gatherers, who moved throughout the southern pampas, shared the protection and the dens with animals of the great fauna. Many are extinct, for example, Mylodon Darwini, the majestic Patagonian panther, the fabulous saber-toothed tiger, amongst others and with some others that still continue living in the wild. The caves are considered to be as one of the most important and ancient paleontological and archaeological sites of southern Patagonia.
We will begin our journey at the small cave, the remotest and the lairs of gigantic Patagonian felines. We will walk around the area contemplating the flora and fauna. We will stop at the cave in the middle to slip through the heart of big rocks held together to form a whole, standing out from afar the Devil’s Chair. The last cave for us to visit is the largest of all three, we will explore to understand the primitive lifestyle of the first Patagonian inhabitants.
Transfer, bilingual tourist guide, snack and ticket to visit MNCM are all inclusive.
Duration: Half day
Departure time: Recommended at 09:30 a.m.
Kind of excursion: Hiking
Difficulty: Low / Moderate

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